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A New NWN World Empty A New NWN World

Post by Imtherealthing on Sat Jan 28, 2012 10:56 am

You know I have been thinking a lot about this lately.

I was thinking that we who have our own PW's should create a new world. To infuse interest in the NWN game and to ensure it continues to be vibrant...I was thinking those who are interested should create sections of a new NWN world and interconnect them via portals - this would ensure that everyones newly created PW is visited. I hear grumblings and discouragment from some who say they rarely have visitors to their PW's - this would get rid of that.

Imagine this...we get rid of all the PW's out there - As people use the CEP as the BASE (including new spells and classes given up to the community from all of the current PW's) and each of us build a section of this world and connect them together as I mentioned above via portals...what an immense world we would have to explore. We could set down rules as a community here on the boards ...or not...so long as we all use the CEP base system implemented there should be no conflicts hoping from sections of this world through portals to other sections. WE could say that your section can have no more than say - 20 areas ( or more). WE could really go to town on this new NWN World. We could even vote on it's name and its history and so many other things. WE should have one area where we all start in that would allow character generation where it offers every choice of class and race. Detailing all of the deities (even using Forgotten Realms deities and others). WE could even make this bigger by allowing travel to OTHER worlds (i.e. Spelljam) via portals so those who love LORD of the RINGS or Spelljammer or Dark Sun etc...they could also start thier own world but it would all be interconnected...can you imagine that...someone from Dark Sun who is a Psionicist (Psion) comes to visit a world where no Psionic powers have ever been seen used beofre yet since it is now part of the BASE CEP haks...there would be no conflict.

Just throwing this out - let me know what you all think of this.

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A New NWN World Empty Re: A New NWN World

Post by superfly2000 on Wed Mar 21, 2012 7:04 pm

I hate to rain on your parade but many attempts have been made at creating interconnected PW's.

Personally I think creating a PW is a very complicated task with many factors into it. History has shown that even tight knit teams had problems to create coherent worlds.

The best PW modules have probably been created by single authors who kept it all tightly together themselves (like the Nordock module).

I think something more important is for us to realise that the strength of NWN has nowdays become its weakness. What I am talking about is the big amount of NWN communties that have almost nothing to do with the original community and the original forum. Hence not following what is happening to the NWN community as a whole.

I think the most important task is to make the community come together there...no matter what PW they are from or what HAK-pak they are working on.

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