Few sugestions for CEP content

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Few sugestions for CEP content Empty Few sugestions for CEP content

Post by KuronueRose on Sat Apr 18, 2015 3:20 pm

Invisible monsters should be classified by Size and perception it would reduce the amount in tool set and allow easier customization in regards to monster considered "invisible"

Creature peaceable (like light shafts and other visual effects peaceable as creatures) should be optional additions in my opinion.
No glow creatures as well as these were custom creatures added.

I dont think scripts as creatures is an acceptable thing tbh I think just one custom creature is needed a Script creature or invisible creature could be one with as I stated above size and perception.

IDK these thing just strike me as Bulk material in the CEP something that can be shrunk down or is not really needed by the mass of people that use the CEP.

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Few sugestions for CEP content Empty Re: Few sugestions for CEP content

Post by The Amethyst Dragon on Thu Feb 16, 2017 1:55 pm

The "invisible" creature models are actually there so that you can use them to make resized/scaled versions of many existing creatures.

Step 1: Make a creature with one of the "invisible" appearances.
Step 2: In the creature's properties window, on the Appearance tab, pick a tail of the same sort of creature you want to resize.

The "invisible" creature models are a variety of sizes so that the tail models chosen can be of different scales.

The "no glow" versions of creatures work the same way, but do not show the red/green/blue glow when you mouse over them in-game.
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