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Player animations. Empty Player animations.

Post by Supreme_Pizza on Fri Jan 04, 2013 5:46 am

I am looking for a list of animations included in the CEP.

Are there any?

I have been tootling around with the ATS crafting system and added Lumberjacking as well as Woodworking. However I would like to make it look more realistic with the correct animations.

I'm fairly satisfied with Lumberjacking since you chop the tree and depending on your skill logs fall to the ground and you pick them up.

However I would like something better than
AssignCommand(oPlayer, PlayAnimation(ANIMATION_LOOPING_GET_MID, 1.0, 4.0));
for the Woodworking.

Also interested in custom sounds.
Are there any in CEP? I didn't see any.

One more thing.
Custom VFX.
Are there any?

Is there a tutorial around for importing animations to NWN?
I am very familiar with Particle Motion Transfer to Scene Objects as well as baking animations of the particles to keyframes.
It's Max 4 correct? And what is the plugin used for export? Nif tools?
I have Max2012 and 2013 installed now. I should be able to find a Max4 disk around here somewhere in a shoebox.

Thanks and happy new year! jocolor


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Player animations. Empty Re: Player animations.

Post by Tyndrel on Mon Jan 07, 2013 12:45 am

Here's a couple of lists for you,

Tutorials -

Tools -

The import/export utility, "NWMax Plus" (It does other things too) - This works with all versions of Max as far as I know (I'm just a novice in such things). It certainly works with my 2011 edition.

I hope this helps, custom content queries are probably best directed to the Bioware boards - , there are some very knowledgeable and helpful folks over there.


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