Crash-tastic CEP 2.3 Dragons [fixed for 2.60]

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Crash-tastic CEP 2.3 Dragons [fixed for 2.60] Empty Crash-tastic CEP 2.3 Dragons [fixed for 2.60]

Post by kalbaern on Thu Jun 28, 2012 6:10 pm

The newer and really outstandingly detailed dragon appearances from CEP 2.3 have proved impossible to use in either a 2.3 or 2.4 module by myself. Their appearance names are all those prefixed by (CEP23) Dragon Chr:, so far. My players at times can survive one spawning in, although their seems to be a pretty large client-side lag spike when they do. Two or more all but garauntee a crash by the clients. It doesn't seem to be any single color or size. I've only thus far experimented with a few of the chromatic versions though in sizes from adult to old. Sometimes I can survive one spawning in several times myself and a day later crash again. The freezing/lag spikes seem to indicate uncompiled models though. Since while experementing and testing ... a crash freezes up my computer and not just the game, further trials have been avoided.


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