baseitems.2da overrun - "Bad StrRef" etc.

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baseitems.2da overrun - "Bad StrRef" etc. Empty baseitems.2da overrun - "Bad StrRef" etc.

Post by xorbaxian on Mon Mar 28, 2016 10:10 pm

the contents of baseitems.2da as delivered in cep 2.6 overruns the 256-line limit. the result of this is that entries above line 255 are interpreted modulo-256 in certain instances. this occurs, for example, when an item hasn't yet been identified. e.g., instead of seeing '1-handed trident' [id=300], the system incorrectly reports the item as 'magic rod' [id=44].

since bioware are most likely not going to be doing any more updates to this file, i'd recommend moving the entries above line 255 down into the 'bio_reserved' section starting at line 113. there's currently just a bit more space than necessary to do this, including some excess 'user' lines, whilst still leaving a few lines available for local modifications.


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baseitems.2da overrun - "Bad StrRef" etc. Empty Re: baseitems.2da overrun - "Bad StrRef" etc.

Post by The Amethyst Dragon on Sun Jan 15, 2017 3:04 pm

Unfortunately, moving those lines would break backward compatibility with modules that have already used those extra item types.
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