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CEP Trapporium Traps Empty CEP Trapporium Traps

Post by Tyndrel on Sat Jan 28, 2012 5:29 am

Copied from the original article by 420.

Original content authors: Trapporium by Firehazurd and Lacero
CEP conversion: 420
Documentation (script): trap_readmecep21

Location: cep2_add_sb_v1.erf (recommended) or cep2_add_sb_v1.hak


CEP Trapporium Traps are a group of custom animated traps that use a
trigger/placeable combination to function. Below you will find
instructions on how to enable the trap system as well as a list of traps
with corresponding resources.

Enabling Traps

To enable the trap system put the following line of code into the OnModuleLoad event (Edit|Module Properties|Events):

ExecuteScript("trap_on_load", OBJECT_SELF);

place a trigger with the corresponding placeable to create a trap. Do
this by matching the name of the trigger to the name of the placeable.
Test and adjust placement to achieve the desired effect.

List of Traps by Name

<blockquote class="uncited">Name: Trap Name
Placeable: Placeable Name Tag: Placeable Tag ResRef: Placeable ResRef
Trigger: Trigger Name Tag: Trigger Tag ResRef: Trigger ResRef (Trigger Location)

Note: All trap placeables are located in: Custom|Dungeon|Traps

Name: Falling Brick
Placeable: Falling Brick Tag: FallingBrick ResRef: fallingbrickpcbl
Trigger: Falling Brick Trap Tag: FBFTrap ResRef: fallingbricktrap (Custom|Traps|0. Weak)

Name: Flood
Placeable: Flood Tag: Flood ResRef: floodpcbl
Trigger: Flood Trap Tag: FlFTrap ResRef: floodtrap (Custom|Traps|1. Average)

Name: Metal Pit
Placeable: Metal Pit Tag: MetalPit ResRef: metalpitpcbl
Trigger: Deep Pit Trap Tag: MPFTrap ResRef: pittraprug001 (Custom|Traps|0. Weak)

Name: Razor Wire
Placeable: Razor Wire Tag: RazorWire ResRef: razorwirepcbl
Trigger: Razor Wire Trap Tag: RWFTrap ResRef: razorwiretrap (Custom|Traps|0. Weak)

Name: Rolling Rock
Placeable: Rolling Rock Tag: RollingRock ResRef: rollingrockpcbl
Trigger: Rolling Rock Trap Tag: RRFTrap ResRef: rollingrocktrap (Custom|Traps|0. Weak)

Name: Rug Pit
Placeable: Rug Pit Tag: RugPit ResRef: rugpitpcbl
Trigger: Rug Pit Trap Tag: RPFTrap ResRef: pittraprug (Custom|Traps|0. Weak)

Name: Swinging Blade
Placeable: Swinging Blade Tag: SwingingBlade ResRef: swingbladepcbl
Trigger: Swinging Blade Trap Tag: SBFTrap ResRef: rollingrocktr001 (Custom|Traps|0. Weak)

Name: Swinging Rock
Placeable: Swinging Rock Tag: SwingingRock ResRef: swingingrockpcbl
Trigger: Swinging Rock Trap Tag: SRFTrap ResRef: rollingrocktr002 (Custom|Traps|0. Weak)

Name: Wall Blade
Placeable: Wall Blade Tag: WallBlade ResRef: wallbladepcbl
Trigger: Wall Blade Trap Tag: WSFTrap ResRef: wallbladetrap (Custom|Traps|1. Average)

Name: Whirlling Blade
Placeable: Whirlling Blade Tag: WhirllingBlade ResRef: whirlbladepcbl
Trigger: Whirling Blade Trap Tag: WBFTrap ResRef: whirlingbladetra (Custom|Traps|1. Average)

Traps by Location

Custom|Traps|0. Weak
Deep Pit Trap
Falling Brick Trap
Razor Wire Trap
Rolling Rock Trap
Rug Pit Trap
Swinging Blade Trap
Swinging Rock Trap

Custom|Traps|1. Average
Flood Trap
Wall Blade Trap
Whirling Blade Trap

Crushing Wall Trap (Not used.)*
Falling Brick
Metal Pit
Razor Wire
Rolling Rock
Rug Pit
Swinging Blade
Swinging Rock
Wall Blade
Whirlling Blade

* The "Crushing Wall Trap" was a work in progress by the original authors
when it was posted to NWVault and therefore does not function.

List of Trap Scripts


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CEP Trapporium Traps Empty Re: CEP Trapporium Traps

Post by Tyndrel on Sat Jan 28, 2012 5:30 am

Copied from the original article by 420.

Here is some additional information about an alternate way to set up the CEP traps. Thanks Dm Wise!

Dm Wise wrote: I was going to post this in the Guides and
Tutorials section, but then discovered that normal folks couldn't post
in there. Odd. Anyway, after reading the CEP Trapporium, I was
confused because I didn't see any mention or reference to the system I
have listed below for setting up and customizing CEP traps. I didn't
know if it was by oversight, or if it just isn't the accepted way of
doing traps any more. Anyway, do people still use the below system? Or
am I an old fuddy duddy?

CEP Traps: A how-To Guide
Generic trigger that controls a CEP trap placeable. The following setup is required:

*Note: This trigger and scripts were designed for a generic trigger, not a trap
trigger. A trap trigger cannot be reset after a disarm or recover. If
you do set it up as a trap trigger, move the OnEnter script from the
OnEnter event to the OnTriggered event. It should work until it has
been disarmed or recovered.

Setup required:

1. Place a generic trigger in your area

2. Place the script cs_oe_trapcep in the OnEnter event of the trigger

3. Place the script cs_ox_trapcep in the OnExit event

4. Place the CEP trap placeable on or above the trigger (unless you want
the trap to remain "hidden" prior to being triggered, in which case the
HiddenTrap parameter needs to be set to TRUE and the TrapResRef
parameter requires the resref of the trap.

5. Configure the trap "parameters" using local variables stored on the trigger. Local
variables are set from the "variables" button on the Advanced" tab of
the trigger.

Trap Parameters

The following parameters are configurable and can be setup as local
variables on the trigger. Case sensitive matters. Place the parameter
name in the left column of your variable, and either the string or
integer will go in the far right column. The variable name must match
the string name listed down the left side of the list below:

TrapTag : tag of trap placeable (expressed as a string) (required)
(Defaults to an empty string)

TrapReflexDC : DC required to avoid the trap (expressed as an integer)
(Defaults to 15)

DamageType : DAMAGE_TYPE_* (expressed as an integer)


NoKnockdown : TRUE/FALSE (expressed as an integer)
(Defaults to FALSE = Knockdown occurs)

SoundObjectTag : tag of sound that plays during trigger of trap
(Defaults to empty string = no sound)

MaxDamage : the maximum damage distributed (expressed as an integer)
(Defaults to 10)

MinDamage : the minimum damage distributed (expressed as an integer)
(Defaults to 1)

ResetTime : number of seconds after "trap is triggered" that the
trap can be triggered again
(Defaults to 120 seconds)

DeactivateTime : number of seconds after "trigger" that the trap is
repositioned in its "ready" state (this value should
be equal to or less than ResetTime)
(Defaults to 110 seconds)

IncludeNonPC : TRUE/FALSE (expressed as an integer) whether the trap can be triggered by a non-PC
(Defaults to TRUE = dooes trigger on non-PC's)

ContinuousDmg : TRUE/FALSE (expressed as an integer) a value of
TRUE causes damage to the PC every 2 seconds
until they exit the trigger
(Defaults to FALSE = no continuous damage)

HiddenTrap: TRUE/FALSE (expressed as an integer) a value of
TRUE assumes the trap is "hidden" (not actually placed
in the area), so when the trap is triggered,
the script
actually creates the trap
placeable, then activates it. On deactivate,
the trap is destroyed.
(Defaults to FALSE = which requires placement of the trap)

TrapResRef : the resref of the trap being triggered - only required
if HiddenTrap is set to TRUE.
(Defaults to empty string)

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