Used: 2.60: Brownie Riding Phenotype & Robes

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Used: 2.60: Brownie Riding Phenotype & Robes

Post by The Amethyst Dragon on Tue Jul 24, 2012 3:03 am

I've finished work on my July 2012 submission. Sent it in for the Custom Content Challenge. Since I also want to send it into the CEP team, who should I email the files to? If someone can just PM me the address, I'll send the files in.

From the readme.txt:

This simple hak, which requires CEP2.4, adds several changes for the CEP dynamic brownie appearance:
- it adds the riding phenotype for normal and large bodied brownie appearances
- it enables brownie robe support while riding
- it adds brownie scaled CEP robes (so brownies get basically the full choice of CEP robes)
- it changes brownie wing/tail scale so that horse "tails" appear correctly
- - default value is 0.6, this is changed to 0.45
- it slightly changes the weapon scaling so that brownie weapons are proportional to their
scaling from human size
- - default value is 0.5, this is changed to 0.45
The Amethyst Dragon
The Amethyst Dragon
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