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Post by Baragg on Wed Jun 27, 2012 11:27 pm

I have been involved with NWN for a little while now and feel that the community as a whole is wonderful. But,......there have been times when folks have gotten riled, sometimes for very good reason, sometimes not. I will not even attempt to weigh in on the rightness or wrongness of the turmoil I have been seeing here lately. I do fear that it will cause a tearing away of people from the community as I have seen happen in the past.

There have been disagreements here lately about leadership, and rights to repackaging.

I ask everyone to realize that when a person builds some unique content it is only a common courtesy to obtain their permission before repackage it for ones on purposes. I am no lawyer and will offer no opinion as to the licensing agreement, but will voice an opinion on appropriate behavior. Be kind to one another, respectful of others feelings, and life will flow smoothly.

It is good to see other members of the CEP Team posting here lately. Indeed very good. I hope this will herald a reawakening the the project. As stated tilesets tweaking is desperately needed.

I ask, nay I beg of all, please be kind to one another.


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